Brand Ambassador recruitment platform

Turn your brand's biggest fans into your best ambassadors.

The new Inbassador recruitment platform allows you to instantly discover useful data about your brand ambassador candidates so you can save time and recruit the best.

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Smart ambassador marketing.

Use the Brand Ambassador recruitment platform to unlock the path to generating more revenue by encouraging your most loyal customers and employees to become your new brand ambassadors.

How it works

Recruit brand ambassadors

Our easy to integrate recruitment widget is designed to help you choose the best brand ambassadors with less effort.

Discover instant insights

Our smart algorithm does all the heavy lifting, so you can easily and quickly choose the best ambassadors for your brand.

Manage with your team

Invite team members to view, manage and comment on candidates to ensure you make the most of your marketing budget.

Get up and running in minutes with our easy to integrate ambassador recruitment platform.

  • Easily integrate our ambassador recruitment widget on your brand ambassador program page.
  • Tell us what your business and products are all about.
  • Promote your program page to your followers, customers and employees.
  • Sit back while our smart algorithm collects candidates data on engagement, latest social media posts, most used hashtags and much more.
  • Easily filter, screen and collaborate with your team members to recruit the best brand ambassadors to drive real growth.
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Inbassador Platform

Our smart algorithm provides the most relevant data about your candidates.

Instantly discover your potential ambassadors affinity, what they like to talk about, how many social media followers they have, their most recent posts and overall engagement - all in one friendly and easy-to-use platform.

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